Website Maintenance Services – Professional Structures
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If you have a website (or many websites) and you need to ensure that those sites are maintained and up to date, ensuring that your clients don’t need to find a competitor, then we have several packages to suit you. We will ensure that your site is updated and tested with multiple browsers to ensure that you aren’t losing any visitors. We will also update any coding as necessary to ensure that your site is tip top. In addition to maintenance and code updates, you will also receive a customer discount on any bespoke or one off development work you require.


Basic Maintenance Package

Basic Maintenance Package, covering single and static html, css and javascript websites. Includes any updates needed and a monthly healthcheck.

£49.99 Per Month

CMS Maintenance Package

Content management system website management and update package for all websites utilising a CMS. Includes updates and amendments to any code as required.

£69.99 Per Month

E-Commerce Maintenance Package

Monthly maintenance for your e-commerce website and content management system, including updates and code amendments as required.

£89.99 Per Month

Monthly Updates & Compliance Checks

Ensuring your site is up to date gives you peace of mind Ever been on a broken, unresponsive or out of date site? Stayed there long? Didn’t think so. Ensure your site is as fresh as a daisy each and every month. It’s as simple as that.

Minor Code Updates

Updates broken parts of your site or functionality? We will test your site after updating it to ensure that everything is functioning as it should. If not we will update the code as required ensuring you are up and running on an up to date website each month.

UK Based Customer Service

We understand what it means to be a business in the UK, and how to support you We are confident that if you have to get in touch with us (and we are sure you probably won’t, but if you do) we will make your issue an absolute priority. Our customer service department is open Mon to Friday 8am to 8pm and weekends 9am to 4pm.

Out of Hours Updates

Site Under Maintenance Mode…Annoying right? All updates we carry out are out of hours, meaning that the usual high traffic periods, unique to your site are avoided, with updates being completed at the best possible time

Affordable Bespoke Development

Get a (Major) discount on any work and hourly rates from us for bespoke development or design As a website maintenance customer you will receive a substantial discount from our standard rates, so that you can get that extra functionality you’ve always dreamed of, at a price that won’t give you nightmares.

Free Website Health Check

We offer a completely free website health check If you’re worried that your website might be in need of some medicine (well, development), then we can provide a complete review and produce a bespoke proposal to put it right. Just let us know!