Policies & Procedure Development – Professional Structures
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Whether you are looking to obtain a specific accreditation such as ISO9001 or MCS Approval, we can provide a set of specific policies and procedures, completely tailored to your purposes from the ground up.

Gaining accreditation can be a frustrating affair, with seemingly endless meetings and reviews with no clear objectives or direction in sight.  Luckily, we offer a complete service, providing a named responsible person, available to attend meetings and assessments, as well as completely tailored documentation only packages.

We are able to offer our policy and procedure services for certifications including, but not limited to:

  • ISO Standards
  • MCS Certification
  • PAS2030
  • FCA Broker Applications
  • Gas Safe and Electrical Self Certification Schemes
  • Training governing bodies such as LANTRA and many more

Policies and Procedures Documentation for Accreditation…or not…

From £790 for completely bespoke documentation, no templates in sight here!…

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If you require only  documentation for your businesses accreditation needs, we can help.  With prices starting from only £790 for a fully customised and process specific set of documents, we are sure that we can add value to your certification process, or internal procedures.

We are also able to offer specialist policies and procedures, such as safeguarding policies, malpractice policies and recognition of prior learning policies.

Complete Packages Offering a Complete Service Saving Thousands…

Starting at just £1,560, our Complete Packages provide you with all you need to get certified*…

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If you are looking to obtain accreditation in any of the ISO standards, we are able to help with the entire process.  From start to finish, your knowledgeable consultant will guide you through the potential minefield, from an initial concept meeting, to producing the required documentation specifically for your business and arranging an assessment with a UK accredited certification body.

ISO standards we currently cover are:

  • ISO9001 – Quality Management
  • ISO14001 – Environmental Management
  • IEC/ISO27001 – Information Security Management
  • ISO45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • ISO50001 – Energy Management

If you wish to obtain or renew more than one standard, your consultant will provide integrated documentation to reduce complexity.  This means that you will still only have one set of documentation, but it will comply with all of the standards you require.

For example, should you wish to obtain both Quality and Environmental Management standards (ISO9001 and ISO14001), you will be issued with an Integrated Management System (IMS) Manual rather than both a Quality Management System (QMS) Manual and an Environmental Management System (EMS).

*PLEASE NOTE This fee does NOT include certification costs, or copies of the required documentation such as the relevant standard.  These will cost extra and will be detailed upon quotation.

Let us get in touch with the Certification or Governing Body for you…

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As part of the managed process, we will arrange stage 1 and 2 assessments on your behalf leaving you truly free to continue running your business, whilst leaving the scheduling and organisation to us!